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Availability:  January 22, 2017  until  April 22, 2017  (90 days)

BUY FRESH JUMBO SIZE EGGS, DAY OLDCHICKS (DOC), we can provide you with high quality broilers,layers and cockerel chicks at affordable prices. We also provide day old, four weeks old broiler chickens layers,Local/Foreign Breed Turkey and other on regular basis.WESELL:-Jumbo Fresh Big Eggs--------N700(PerCrate)
Day Old Layers---------------N200
Day Old Broilers-----------------N150
Turkey Day Old(Foreign)--------N1050
Turkey Day Old (Local)----------N700
White Cockerel.--------------------N40
Black Cockerel.---------------------N70
point of layer --------------------N1050
Parent Stock ( broiler)-----------N1500
Parent Stock (layer) ------------N1700
8 Weeks Cockerel ----------------N250
4 weeks Layers ------------------N450
4 Weeks Broiler -----------------N350
10 Weeks Broiler ----------------N1100 Types of Cages for Sale:Normal cage----N12,000-N20,000 Electric cage-------N25,000-N50,000
Feeds for Variety of Birds & many more.
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