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Availability:  October 21, 2016  until  January 19, 2017  (90 days)

Please call Crystalhills Software LTD on: 081 383 16169

The facial recognize system, FA2-H, is the most advance product made by Granding Technology, combined such as newest facial and fingerprint recognition algorithm, optical sensors, embedded design technology, and software application, etc.. FA2-H is a multi-biometric identification system, with intelligent appliance, fully deserve leading the market. Features: Composite algorithm system with high speed operating Embedded LINUX system, easy to integrate into various system Standalone or network environment Infrared optical system enables user identification in dark environment Simple access control system support real-time entrance logs transferring 4.3” TFT touch screen, elegant design, fashionable and simple interface 6 user-defined function keys, easy operation Saves data during power outage.

With biometrics the access control factor is something you are, a measureable physiological or behavioural
characteristic, which is often more difficult to fake, steal or imitate than a password or a key. Users don't have to
remember it and they cannot by accident leave it at home. This physiological or behavioural characteristic is referred
to as a biometric factor, it can be your fingerprints or the way you use your voice.
- Time Attendance tracking Devices
- Biometric Plug In
- Access Control devices
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